Stone Repair Sydney

Stone Repair Sydney

A chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged stone on a stonework diminishes the beauty of the entire artistic structure. The damage can sometimes reduce the structure’s lifespan.

Damages on heritage structures are not only unsightly, but can also result in loss of precious cultural, educational and architectural value of the stonework.

If you are looking for a reliable stone repair service in Sydney to restore the stonework in your garden, feature walls, heritage buildings, or other areas, Gargoyle Masonry can give you the best results.

Specialist Heritage Stonework Repair

Gargoyle Masonry is a stone repair service in Sydney with extensive experience in restoring heritage works. Skilled workmanship with details exactly attended to, is the specialty of this stone repair service in Sydney.

Many clients, including local councils, churches and conservation associations, trust Gargoyle Masonry to rectify complex stone repair jobs, and restore the soul of the original structure.

Myles Raine, the founder of Gargoyle Masonry, is a qualified banker mason with 30 years of experience in handling heritage stone repair. Raine trained as a banker mason for 3 years, and received professional recognition in the field, from York Collage of Art & Technology.

Raine’s experience includes working on stonework on heritage buildings belonging to early centuries.

Skilled in Different Types of Stonework

Gargoyle Masonry is skilled in handling any kind of stone repair in commercial or residential properties. Whether it is handling a minor stone repair in your garden stone art, or a major renovation of your building façade, Gargoyle Masonry is up to any task of any scale.

Gargoyle Masonry is knowledgeable of all types of stones, and can restore structures made of any stone, including:

  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • Porcelain

Let your Stonework Tell its Story

Each stonework is an art with its own story. Restore the life of your stonework and let it shine with Gargoyle Masonry’s repair services.

Call Gargoyle Masonry 0415 525 015 for all enquiries about our stone masonry Sydney services.