Heritage Stonemason Sydney

Heritage Stonemason Sydney

Stonework on historical buildings reflects architectural expertise and cultural environment of its time, and is of great historical significance. Restoring stonework in such building requires great expertise.

Myles Raine, founder of Gargoyle Masonry, is a heritage stonemason in Sydney, with 3 decades of experience in stonemasonry work on heritage buildings.

A sought-after heritage stonemason in Sydney, Raine can handle projects of any scale and complexity on any site including churches, cathedrals, conservation society buildings, and old homes.

An Extensive Background in Heritage Stonework

A trusted heritage stonemason in Sydney, Raine brings valuable hands-on experience and skilled craftsmanship achieved through a background in heritage. This includes:

  • Handling stonemasonry jobs from a young age (Raine’s father’s occupation as a heritage property developer kickstarted the journey)
  • Interest and broad experience in stonework, especially work related to heritage buildings of different time periods, including some as old as 12th Early experience also includes work on buildings with complex architectural structures such as grotesques and gargoyles.
  • Professional training as a banker mason, specialising in architectural carving, for 3 years, from York Collage of Art & Technology.

High Standards of Work Quality and Safety

A natural passion for stonework and technical skills to support the energy and enthusiasm results in superior stonework quality. As a professional stonemason, Raine listens to you, studies the site and stonework meticulously, making copies of subjects where essential.

Plans and drawings are developed. In case of new builds, stones are cut to exact specifications, and shaped into the form matching the original to the minutest of details. The final stonework is then given a smooth, rough or a lustrous, finish as required.

Personal safety is nowhere compromised so that you don’t have any unpleasant accidents to deal with, on your premises.

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