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Myles Raine, stonemason and sculptor was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire in Northern England. As the son of a heritage property developer, he spent most of his life working with stone. Out of this love for stone, Gargoyle Masonry was created. Gargoyle Masonry specialises in all kinds of Heritage Stone Masonry, Stone Repair and Heritage Mosaics Sydney services.

Heritage MosaicsWith three decades of experience, a background in heritage and the passion to create, Gargoyle Masonry is able to cover all aspects of the stone industry from new builds to repairs. Experienced in heritage stone masonry and new build, Gargoyle Masonry specialises in Heritage Mosaics for garden design and feature walls in Sydney and the surrounding area.

Services include:

  • Heritage Stone Masonry Sydney
  • Stone Repair Sydney
  • Stone Masonry Sydney
  • Sculptures Sydney
  • Natural Stone Sculptures Sydney
  • Stone Walls Sydney
  • Feature Walls Sydney
  • Stone Designs Sydney
  • Heritage Mosaics Sydney

Apart from being an experienced in stone masonry and heritage mosaics, Myles also is an expert sculptor. The joy for Myles in sculpture is working with natural stone, and its many varied types. Carving away the excess to reveal the envisaged shape. with every type of stone requiring a different technique. The challenge being to give the piece atmosphere and movement, no matter the shape or size.

For professional Heritage Mosaics Sydney services, contact Myles from Gargoyle Masonry today. Call 0415 525 015 or fill out the online enquiry form and Myles will contact you shortly.